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    The grade release of 1/12 has gone as well as 2020 for me. I failed Audit with a 72 – would you retake the same test or take a different subject?

    My current NTS is for AUD(fail), REG, and FAR. Thanks for the help!


    Please retake AUD. Study everything over from scratch, you’re getting a new exam but re take AUD.


    Lea, it depends on if you have already have an NTS for a different section and how long you have left on it. If you do have an NTS and it will expire in the next few months I would say study for that section. You will lose the NTS regardless if you sit for the exam or not and will not get refunded. Now if you don't have an NTS open, then I strongly recommend retaking AUD. It is still fresh in your head and a 72 is very close. Start studying from the beginning though and build on what you know now. The new exam will be different and may not test on the same areas you were before.

    Hope this helps, you've got this!

    EDIT: I just saw you have an NTS for two more sections. I would study for the next section, restudying for AUD will cause you to Take time away from the other two exams you need to sit for before the NTS expires. REG and FAR are arguably the biggest sections material wise and tend to take much more time dedicated to studying for them. REG as the next section would be good if you have experience in tax already so you can get it out of the way, FAR would be closer aligned to some of the material you have studied in AUD though.

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 78
    FAR - 80
    REG - 81
    Keep pushing through!

    Thank you for your advice! Will take FAR since I have the NTS open. I passed BEC and its expiring this year, so trying to push through. Appreciate you taking the time to respond – helped me feel much better.


    Hi Lea. Can you tell me when you took your BEC test and how long you waited for your score release? Had you already started studying for the next section while waiting for your score? Also, how long did you study for BEC?

    I'm trying to decide when I should schedule my BEC exam. I am starting to study for BEC (my first section) on Monday. If I add 2 weeks for a final review after the 7 weeks on the Ninja ELL plan I would be testing on March 20th and have to wait for my score for 3 weeks. Should I test in the earlier first window (right after 7 weeks and get my score in a week) or add review time and wait 3 weeks for my score?

    What do you think?
    Thank you for any help.


    I'd retake rather than switch to a new subject. You are so close! I'd recommend using a final review/cram course to help you remember the topics you may have forgot about and give the test another go. I personally used Roger CPAs cram course and that helped me.

    Accountant Steve
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