FAR – best Ninja product to add to my current process?

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    I am currently studying for FAR using Becker (company paid for). I mostly am fine with the videos and feel comfortable with the material as I go through it, but I'm not sure I'm spending my limited time wisely as I have this exam scheduled for 5/9 and I'm not doing great on my Becker MCQs (low 60's for the most part except a few stronger areas). I'm considering adding the Ninja MCQ and/or Audio, as I have an hour each way commute which I feel is such wasted time right now. Right now my process is watch a lecture, work the section's MCQs (not the ‘optional' ones), do a sim, repeat. I'm concerned about just covering all the material, much less mastering it. I have about 2 hours each weeknight and 4-6 hours each weekend day devoted to this, plus a PTO day in late April devoted to studying. If I could make use of the commute time I'd be doubling my weekday study time. I already know I don't have time to finish all of the Becker provided questions and simulations, so whatever I add I want to make sure is worth the time and money I'll spend on it. Any advice on the best additions and plan of attack is appreciated.

    AUD - 80
    BEC - 77
    FAR - 84
    REG - 80



    If you drive for your commute I would suggest the Ninja Audio. It's very concise and to the point, but it hits most of the main topics you're likely to see.

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    FAR: 75
    AUD: 73, 81
    BEC: 71, 73, 82
    REG: 68, 82


    Coming from someone who failed FAR, added the Ninja MCQs (and notes and flashcards), and passed on the second shot, I'd vote for the MCQs.


    The MCQs are good, but don't expect to do any better, and you might do worse they are really hard. I think I would try to take a look at your process first. Are there certain subjects that you don't get? Not just the broad categories, but the sub categories. Bring up your weaknesses. Learn how you get certain problems wrong, take notes. Now if you are doing all that and your weaknesses aren't getting any better, the notes are good. Written like a friend of yours is explaining it to you. The audio is just a verbal version of the notes, and good too but I personally didn't use it much. Didn't have a commute at the time.

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