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    I’m having problems downloading the audio to my iPhone. I see Jeff’s instructions about unzip this files but this doesn’t seem to work. It won’t import the only thing I can do is import it to notes. It doesn’t let it import it to music. Any ideas? Thanks ninjas.


    Either unzip the file on your laptop to get the mp3 files and import to iTunes then sync, or you can unzip the files and put the mp3s on dropbox, then download the dropbox app and listen through there on your iPhone.

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    I just did this last week.

    – Plug your iPhone into your Mac or Window Laptop
    – Open Itunes, and let it undergo its wonderful and painful loading process (I barely use it, I rock out with Amazon Music or Spotify).
    – Once that is loaded, open the zipped folder that has the NINJA Audio, and drag all of the audio files to the “Music” tab of Itunes.
    – Once it completes the import process, look at the list on the right portion of Itunes, you should see you iPhone, and some “subfolders” AKA Music, Podcasts, Photos, Etc. Select all of the recently imported NINJA audio files in the music section of itunes, and drag them to the Music “subfolder” of your iphone, it will then import them to your phone and you are golden.

    Hope I didn't make this too confusing 🙂

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    I use OneDrive on my computer, so I just saved the audio files there and downloaded the OneDrive app on my iPhone. I think you could do the same with another service like Dropbox.

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    Could I ask that whether you can play NINJA audio on your PC or MacBook?

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