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    I have Ninja notes and will be buying Ninja MCQ's, I just want to know people's experience with the Audio section and if you guys thought it was beneficial to buy it? I have a 35-40 minute commute each way and I work out about 4 hours a week, please tell me your experiences and the benefits or if it didn't help you with your test. Thank you.


    I love the audio. The only thing is for me (FAR) I feel like sometimes he doesn't go into enough detail on certain topics. The best way I could describe it is he doesn't sound like a teacher (boring) he's more like your bro who passed the CPA exam and he's trying to help you pass too…while you drive to work, lol.

    AUD - 92
    BEC - 90
    FAR - 83
    REG - 88

    I just got it and listen on my commute every day (1-1.5 hours each way), and I have found that I am less stressed about finding time to study. I can utilize that commute time now, and I am excited about that. Edit: I have audio for Audit. I have not tried the other sections.


    I listened to it daily while i was in the shower and shaving , ironing, dressing etc. Listened to it daily on the drive to and from work. When I finally passed the last exam, it was strange to finally put music on instead. I missed listening to Jeff for a week. Then I went back to listening to regular podcasts and music instead.



    I want to know how you increased your FAR score? Please give me some insight. Thanks!


    @Mr. SD
    1. I only used Ninja products – MCQ, Audio, Notes, Blitz and Flashcards for the first time.

    2. I spent 80% of my overall study time in MCQ. I did over 2,000 questions and made sure to spread my focus evenly among the topics. You want to find a balance between identifying and working through challenging areas but keep moving forward so that you cover all topics. Goal is to have high average scores. Don't immediately retake your Missed Questions because that will cause your Trending score to be artificially high.

    3. Rotate the blitz videos and notes in daily. Listen to Audio as much as you can while commuting, working out, shower time. These are summary in nature but they help to keep everything fresh in your mind.

    4. For me the big one was jamming through the flashcards in the last week. This will exercise your true understanding and memory of the topics. It isn't MC; you simply must know the answers. It was an excellent exercise that definitely paid off.

    5. Studied for 5 solid weeks, everyday. I finished extension tax season, moved into my new house, then dove into studying hard. As soon as I finished taking the test , I started unpacking.

    My weakness on all the exams was spending too much time on what I perceived to be problem areas. In hindsight most of my problem areas represented small portions of the overall material, and sometimes I did not even see it on the exam. I burned too much time on those areas and it cost me because I didn't study as broadly as I should have at first.



    Thank you, this is so encouraging. I plan to take FAR in 3 weeks and now feel like I am on the right track. I am only using Ninja products as well this time around, what you said about not focusing on one small topic is exactly what I needed to hear as that was a struggle to get away from.

    Thanks again!


    @ SD. Glad to help. Plan your time allocation out ahead of time. Make sure you give yourself enough time for SIMS, and use your Authoritative Literature!

    Keep moving forward!! Realizing that gave me my first pass with BEC. I struggled with that concept on every test but it was the key to success I believe. Let go of some areas , come back to it later. You can't master every single concept. But you need to know it all generally well.

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