NINJA Audio – FAR?

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    Has anyone used ninja audio for FAR? Did you find it beneficial/worth the money?

    Wiley CPAExcel + Ninja MCQ & Notes


    AUD - 97 (1/24/17)

    BEC - 84 (3/10/17)

    FAR - 94 (5/31/17)

    REG - 88 (8/16/17)


    I purchased the ten point combo so it was included with the package.

    I've used it for my past sections and think it has been useful for me. I just started FAR and think it will probably be most beneficial to use for this section in my opinion.

    Jeff does a good job at highlighting important areas and noting when things are a MUST KNOW for the exam and what to expect, etc.

    Is it needed in order to pass? Probably not. But I actually don't mind it on my commute to work or just going for a random drive around town when I need a break from the computer screen and letting the audio play.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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