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    I am taking FAR in July and using Becker to study. Is it a good idea to also use Ninja audio while at the gym? And if so, if I am on ch 4 in Becker should I only listen up to chapter 4 and continue once I continue in the book or listen to the whole audio?

    Thanks for all feedback!

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    I used Becker too and I'm 100% positive Ninja Audio helped me get my 75 on FAR! I had a few questions on the exam that were word for word from Jeff's lectures.
    If you did get Ninja Audio, I'd listen to it as you go through Becker's similar chapter. During my final review, I usually listened to the entire Ninja Audio 2 more times straight through.

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    No need to worry, my accountant handles that.

    My advise would be to listen only one chapter or up to the chapter of Becker .In fact Becker's advise to watch the video of one chapter ,do the homework and then only move to next chapter.


    I tried Roger's audio for FAR and found it really awkward trying to study it parallel with Becker. Roger's chapters must be organized totally different than Becker. I felt like he was jumping around from chapter to chapter but I assume his chapters were just laid out that way. I threw in the towel after a week or so and went forward without it. Ninja audio might be a better tool.

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    I am using NINJA audio with Gleim, also taking FAR in July. The NINJA audio is split into chapters so you can select which areas you want to listen to. I usually will listen to the topic I am studying in Gleim that day a few times and then I will listen to the topic I plan to study next a couple times before I start that topic. I will also listen to previous topics when I have time to boost my memory on past topics. Jeff explains things really well and goes over the really important topics.

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    Currently studying for FAR with Becker and purchased Ninja Audio.

    For me I am having a hard time listening while working out. I think you first need to have an understanding of what is going on. Definitely do not listen to Ninja Audio for sections you have not studied yet.

    I also have Ninja Notes and at some point I am going to listen to the audio and look at the notes simultaneously so I can physically see what he is talking about, and then I feel as if I will have a better understanding when I am getting my swell on at the gym

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