Am I using the NINJA FAR Book Correctly?

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    I'm using NINJA only for my FAR exam in 5 weeks. How long should I spend reading through the book? When should I start MCQ's?

    Today is my 2nd day of Studying…so I have plenty of time to adjust course if necessary!

    I've looked around the site and while Jeff has a great video about how to us the material…there isn't much guidance about timing for the various sections. Obviously there are a ton of things to cover, but I dont' want to speed through the book if I should spend 2 weeks doing it.

    Here is what I'm on pace for now:

    Week 1 – Read NINJA BOOK

    Week 2 – MCQs

    Week 3 – MCQs

    Week 4 – Rewrite Notes

    Week 5 – MCQs

    Take Test at end of Week 5.



    For now, start doing MCQs when you have time left in your scheduled study session.

    Right now your focus should be on reading through the book and taking copious amounts of notes (or copying Ninja notes). Then copy your notes a second time before really hitting the MCQs.

    After that do MCQs like your life depends on it. The critical part here is taking DETAILED notes on the ones you get wrong or guess. Don't move to the next question until you understand how to get to the correct answer for the one you're on. Mix in some sims to break up the monotony.

    AUD - 91
    BEC - 85
    FAR - 91
    REG - 92
    CPA, CFE
    Passed all 4 CPA exam sections with Ninja Notes/MCQ/Audio

    Will using ninja books, MCQs and notes be sufficient material to passing?

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