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    Hi everyone! I've been using Wiley books for my past exams but am planning to purchase the 2017 Ninja Book for FAR.
    Two quick questions!
    1) Is there a table of contents? (I've read in the past that there was not and having one will greatly assist with creating a study schedule)
    2) Did anyone find it difficult to read through a screen since FAR probably consists of many calculations that may make you want to take notes directly on the book? Or did you guys print the pdf?



    1. Nope. No table of contents. There are 5 files with 5 different areas of study. I made my own table of contents, it took less than 30 minutes.

    2. I didn't print the PDF. I mostly did reading on my iPad. It doesn't have a glossary so having it in PDF made it easy to search for keywords. FYI, I didn't read it from cover to cover.

    Good luck!

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