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    I'm signed up for my first exam in early November (REG) and second in early December (BEC). These are the materials I have available to me right now:

    -Ninja Notes
    -Ninja MCQ
    -Ninja plus videos (about to purchase)
    -Wiley book

    Does anyone think that just using the Ninja products that I have available right now would be sufficient? Can I ditch using the Wiley book, or should I purchase the Ninja book for consistency?

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!


    I would advise using a book in addition to the notes, MCQs, and videos. Books are generally much more thorough – they tell you everything, whether you want to know it or not, whereas notes and videos hit the highlights, and MCQs just give you the details of the specific ones you do. So, I'd suggest a book in conjunction with the notes, MCQs, and videos. Whether that book is Wiley or NINJA is a matter of preference. I'm cheap, so I'd go Wiley cause you have it (and I think it's cheaper, too, and as I said, I'm cheap lol), but having a book you can learn from is more importantly than a book that's cheap (even Miss Cheap here is saying that!), so at least find a sample of the NINJA book and compare it to the Wiley book and see which one you feel more comfortable learning from.


    Hi Lilla,

    Thanks for the advice. I have two follow-up questions:
    1) Do you know if there's a sample of the Ninja book anywhere?
    2) How would you advise going about studying with book + MCQ + videos + notes? I'm thinking watch videos, read books, do MCQs, then do notes on the side if I have time.

    Thank you!


    Actually…I'd forgotten that the NINJA book is now rolled into the 10-point combo, so can only be bought as part of the combo. The form here: may include it in the samples, but I'm not sure; however, being unable to buy the book on its own means you'd have to purchase the whole combo, so it's a bigger purchase than I'd realized (if you email Jeff, he'll probably give you credit for the parts of the combo you already purchased, though).

    I didn't use videos in my studying, so my method was to read the book entirely and then do MCQs. With the videos, too, I think it'd be your choice whether to do videos then book or book then videos or intersperse the two for variety. Then do MCQs, and you can use notes in with the MCQs. I am not much of a note person, but most people recommend using the notes either as a quick refresher to read through when you have a spare minute (like have them on your phone and read when in line, on the toilet, etc.), or re-write them by hand to commit to memory.

    So, I'd see it as 2 sets of materials for 2 phases of exam prep: books/videos and MCQs/notes, mix and match as desired within those two phases.

    P. S. Took so long to post with various work interruptions (how dare work interrupt me while I'm at work! haha) that Jeff already got the sample link. 🙂

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