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    Hello… I'm trying to find a study method that works for me. I have read the NINJA framework but I am trying to figure out where to fit in reading the book. Does this occur prior to watching the lectures or before? Also, should I take notes while reading the book and watching the lectures. I mean, I know I have to take some notes but is reading the book straight and watching the lectures and then taking notes later while doing MCQs better? I do plan on doing the reading, lectures, and MCQs a section at a time. … I have a bad habit of taking TOO MANY notes which is very time consuming. Sometimes I feel as though I am rewriting the entire book instead of writing down an outline that will just jog my memory.

    Any advice is helpful.

    Thank you.


    I use CPAExcel so I got giant books with every section, and for FAR I read everything, and it sort of stuck. I find that reading the slides, watching the videos and doing the quizzes works much better. If I don't understand the topic I will glance at the relating chapter, but really use the book as a last resort. You want to be efficient in your studies and don't want to waste time on a topic you already understand.

    FAR: 78*, 75
    REG: 76*, 85
    BEC: 79*, 76
    AUD: 79*, 93

    All scores expired, let's try this again.


    I did MCQ first. Took a lot of notes over trouble areas, watched blitz, listened to audio and read the Ninja notes daily , but did around 30-60 mcq's per day minimum as my cornerstone. I would only crack the book open as a last resort if I needed more detail. Although blitz , audio and notes are more supplemental , it helped me to hold everything together by constantly summarizing the areas. I also have two young kids, full time work in public accounting and married. I struggled but i didn't lose credit and i am now done 🙂


    Find what helps you retain the information best. Theres no set way. What I have learned, is that everyone is different! I'm in a masters program with everyone studying for the CPA, and we all have different methods that work best for us. Some never read the book, just watch the lectures and read the explanations to questions.

    I personally ONLY read the book (and do questions…) but disregard lectures, simply, because thats how I learn. Play around with it a bit. You'll find what works best for you


    Thnx so much for all your responses. I am really struggling trying to find a study method that works and that actually sticks. I have Becker and the ninja ten point combo. I didn't know how to fit everything in. I absolutely hate the becker lectures but I do not think that the blitz videos are enough. I think I have to stick to reading the book because of that. Especially now that I decided to forego taking notes while reading and just read straight. I think that I will rewrite all the ninja notes just like everyone else and maybe add some along the way.

    We will see.

    Wish me luck. Im trying to get all 4 exams done prior to July 2016.

    Thnx. Any advice is always appreciated.



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