Ninja MCQ package to supplement Becker’s FAR

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    I have been studying for FAR since the beginning of October. I am just starting F5 (slow going) and I have been reading that Ninja is a good supplement. What package does everyone suggest? I️ was planning to get the Scout package, but wanted to see what has been helpful for others. Also, do I need the MCQ now or should I wait until I'm through the book and use these for review? Any tips/suggestions are appreciated!

    Meghan Giannini

    Hi Meghan.

    It all depends on an individuals study habits. I personally went through all the lectures first and now I am in MCQ mode (exam scheduled for early December). I know there are a lot of topics I still need to thoroughly understand. Therefore FAR may be the one part that MCQ should be done along the entire way- too much to memorize without consistently being reinforced.

    Advice – download the free study notes for Ninja (linked under study tools). Review what you are getting into before buying. I used Scout for Audit and REG (my main review course has been Roger). I found the MCQ very helpful for these two exams. BEC I used Roger as a stand alone and noticed the difference (could also be BEC was my very first attempt but overall I still felt Ninja was the best overall to what to expect on exam day).

    Good Luck and always remember there are others out there who feel your pain 🙂

    BEC - Passed

    REG - Passed

    AUD - Passed

    FAR - Passed

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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