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    Back by popular demand, UWorld Roger CPA Review and NINJA CPA Review are combining forces again to create the absolute Best CPA Review course package on the market…just in time for Black Friday & end of year deals.

    For $1499, you get:

    • Complete UWorld Roger CPA Review Elite Course (Books, Lecture Videos, Audio, Cram, Testbank)
    • NINJA Monthly Subscription – 4 Months (Books, Notes, Audio, Live Tutoring, Testbank)

    Normal Price: $3,267

    Promotion Price: $1499


    Need a single section? We have you covered there as well.

    You get one month of the NINJA Monthly subscription with purchase.

    Normal Price: $716

    Promotion Price: $399

    Already a Roger student? We can work something out.


    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    I can't recommend Roger enough! I have been studying for FAR using Roger and so far it has been absolutely amazing. First of all the guy is hilarious and really makes the lectures engaging and interesting (which is hard to do with FAR lol). Also their platform is super intuitive and easy to use… A ton of MCQ (more than you'll ever need), flashcards feature and an amazing mobile app with all the features they have on their website. Also they use something called the SmartPath, which tracks your progress in comparison to other students who have already passed the exam. You can use the SmartPath feature to measure your progress and how well you're doing/what areas need more focus etc…

    Also their price is unbeatable. $1,500 for all sections UNTIL YOU PASS! For me at least, it was the perfect choice because I was paying 100% out of pocket. But from what I heard from friends of mine who purchased Becker because their firm paid for some of it still ended up paying more out of pocket!


    Does Ninja and Roger CPA Review work together? Unsure how to use each one optimally.


    Mom of Two, studying for the CPA Exam


    Good question. Yes, they work great together. A lot of Roger + NINJA students.

    I'll create a writeup on how to study with both.

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    I just watched lectures from RogerCPA and used Ninja MCQ. I did this and I was able to pass CPA exams relatively fast. I think it's probably the most efficient method

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