Can't get the NINJA flashcards to unzip…any ideas?

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    I just recently purchased the NINJA Audio, Flashcards, and Notes. I was able to get the notes and the audio, but I can't seem to get the flashcards to work. I am trying to download them to my computer, however, I do have an ipod that I would also like to download them to. When I go into my email and click on the link for the flashcards, I save the file to the desktop, but when I go to click on it, it won't open. It says the compressed unzip didn't work. Can anyone help??


    I just emailed another file…please let me know if you still have trouble.


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    I have an Android phone, HTC to be exact if that makes a difference. I already have the zip file saved in dropbox, clicked on the little squares to export and then save on device. I saved it on internal storage AnyMemo folder, however when i go to import zip l don't see the file there. I did this for AUD way back when (successfully)) and for the life of me can't figure out what step i'm missing. Can someone help me figure out what i'm doing wrong?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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