Audit exam in 7 days – best way to tackle weak areas with Becker & NINJA?

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    Biff Tannen

    Hello All,

    I'm currently studying for the Audit section of the CPA (my exam is scheduled 1 week from Monday), and I completed my first mock exam using the Becker software and I scored a 69 on the mock exam. I've already gone through all the lectures and the Becker final review book, and I have a pretty good idea of the areas that I'm weak in and need to really focus on. Here are a few plans of action: please let me know which one I should take, or any other suggestions;

    1) Skip the lectures and just do MCQ's over my weak areas. My plan would be to use the NINJA MCQ's and just work to the bone, then possibly take the last Becker mock exam 3 days before my exam (Friday) to do a final assessment of where I stand, then do additional MCQ's over the weekend on the weak areas identified in the last mock exam.

    2) Go through the lectures once again on all of my weak areas. The problem with this approach is that I work full time, so I can't devote all of my time to watching lectures. This means I would have to cut down on MCQ's.

    3) Rather than go through all the lectures again, use the Becker flashcards to reinforce my weak areas, then use NINJA and do MCQ's.

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    I would only do MCQS do them as many as you can every day. Do them by topic 15-20 at a time. Rinse and repeat. I wouldn't watch any lectures or do any mock exams, to me they take too much time, that I would rather spend doing MCQs.

    Maybe I would read my notes, and listen to Ninja audio.

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    @Roll Forward Specialist. Reinforce your weak areas by doing MCQ's and practise some SIM'S, I just gave my audit exam and it was pretty straightforward. Read the explanations, you should know why you got a certain answer right and why the others were wrong. Also, do the AICPA Sample test.

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    BEC - 85
    FAR - 90
    REG - 88
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    Be careful about just doing MCQ only. It won't help you if you only keep doing them if you keep scoring poorly on them. You will have to review your weak areas. Only doing MCQ isn't going to magically make you understand everything if you keep getting the concepts wrong.

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