Becker Final Review with Intense Ninja MCQ as a strategy?

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    Hello future CPA's –
    I'm taking BEC on June 5 and essentially have 30-35 hours/week to study. So, would it be a viable option that instead of using the full Becker course book to instead purchase the Becker Final Review? I feel this would free up more time to complete ALL the Ninja MCQ's. If I have difficulty in an area my thought is I could go back to the full Becker course book. I'm questioning if watching the videos and going through the book is the best use of time. It would seem more efficient for sure using the final review – the hope would be is it effective? Or, is the fact I'm asking implying I'm trying to shortcut studying? Which, we all know how that ends up. : ). It seems clear that regardless of CPA review courses people use, the most common theme is hammer MCQ's. So, I thought I'd pose the question.


    I probably had around the same time as you and I only used Becker. I played the lectures at 1.5 speed and then did all of the MC for each section and I still had time the week of the test to do a Mock Exam or two. That got me over a 90 on BEC and I felt adequately prepared.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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