NINJA Book or NINJA Notes ?

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    I have Gleim's book for AUD- (2013 Q3-Q4 edition) & Wiley 2014 edition.

    Should I go for NINJA book or notes?

    In what way will the notes help ? Arent notes helpful to only those who use NINJA books ? Because I guess, notes are main points from the books itself, right ?



    The notes go over the main topics and not really the details that the book covers. If you are trying to learn the material I say go for the book and ninja mcq.

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    My point is .. I have two text books of previous years. Should I invest in other text book or notes?

    Changes would have happened. I am sure. Is it ok to go with old version ?

    I am going to take NINJA MCQ for sure. But books or notes..this is what I am confused with….


    I only used ninja mcq and notes and passed BEC. Ninja mcq provides great explanation on all answers and as long as you fully grasp these, you should be fine. I don't know whether it is still applicable on other parts of the exam, we will see.

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    i used ninja book and mcqs for audit and they aligned perfectly. i did not have the aud ninja notes but i did supplement with the actual standards.

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    the notes are not going to be enough to fill the gaps of the new material needed for the exam. I would say to just invest in the NINJA book and MCQ and only use the old books as a supplement if needed. I am pretty sure there have been significant changes since 2013 to AUD.

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    Ok. thanks buddy

    NINJA books- its a pdf version or printed book ?

    I am used to reading from a book than on laptop


    Ninja books are PDF.

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