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    Since Jeff is doing a promo for a buy 2 get 1 free I was wondering which you guys think will be ore beneficial in studying for FAR. I currently have NINJA Audio, Notes and MCQ so what are your guys opinions: get NINJA Plus videos or book? Both same value $ wise.

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    In my opinion this is something that is dependent on how you learn. Between the MCQ and the Notes you already have, you have plenty of material to keep you busy. I would ask yourself, if something isn't clicking and you need further explanation, are you more likely to learn the material by reading the book or by having it explained to you through video? In your college courses, did you have more ‘ah-ha' moments during in class lectures or at home in your own studies?

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    It all depends on how you learn…they are both pretty good. I actually got both this week (bought the book, got the lectures free from the promo). The ninja book is good as it mirrors Ninja MCQ perfectly (I'm surprised the book and Ninja MCQ aren't it's own combo), plus it has MCQs baked in on almost every other page, which breaks up the monotony of reading. The lectures are cool, I'm just not really a lecture guy, but the lecturer breaks it down pretty good and goes over a bunch of JE's plus you have the option of playing it at 2x speed which helps if you don't feel like sitting through a long lecture. The slides in the lectures keep you focused and are helpful as well. Again, it comes down to how you learn. I would recommend to try the demos

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