Ninja PLUS Videos still relevant?

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    Does anyone know, are the REG Ninja PLUS videos outdated? Considering they were made prior to 2017 for the Bisk CPA Review video course, I just would like to make sure I am utilizing my study time efficiently and not studying outdated material and/or wasting my time. Thank you for anyone's input in advanced, I greatly appreciate it. Also, assuming they're not outdated, if anyone has any additional comments on their experience using the Ninja PLUS videos, particularly for REG, that would be greatly appreciated. I failed REG the other week with a 68, so trying to touch up on some weak points and get an overall review of all the material before attacking this beast, and I feel the PLUS videos would serve me well as long as they're still relevant…

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    I'm using the ninja plus videos for Far. So far I am getting the main principles out of it to be able to answer the mcq's. Reg some things may have changed but I think you can gather from the questions or the book the new issues. My problem is keeping things organized so I can reference when I am answering questions.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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