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    Does anyone have experience failing BEC and using Ninja to successfully pass? I have only used Wiley so far and had no trouble passing REG and AUD. Unfortunately, I failed BEC with a 71 in Q3 and plan to re-take ASAP in Q4. I jumped right into the MCQs and am quite surprised by the amount of material I'm coming across that was never covered in the Wiley lessons. My plan is to slam as many MCQs and SIMS as I possibly can before I re-take around October 8th. Do you think this will give me enough time? Does anyone have a strategy that worked for them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! PS Score report says Stronger in MCQs, Weaker in SIMS, and Comparable in WC

    I did it!! Finally a licensed CPA!!

    Even miracles take a little time. - Cinderella

    FAR: 77 (Q4 2018 Wiley)

    REG: 92 (Q2 2018 Wiley)

    BEC: 71(Q3 2018 Wiley Only), 83 (Q4 2018 Supplemented Ninja)

    AUD: 80 (Q4 2017 Wiley)


    @talknerdytome I did just mcqs from NINJA and got a 74. I went through Becker (just reading and writing notes) and trying to understand the concepts. I did this for 3 exams and passed. I can’t seem to pass BEC. I think I didn’t understand the concepts last time as much, especially cost accounting which includes the variance forumals. I memorized all the forumals that Becker had, and realized I probably failed because I didn’t study the concepts enough.

    I’m retaking BEC November 30th this time which gives me about 8 weeks. I work full-time; this time I’ll listen to all the lectures in Becker and really try to understand the concepts and pound Ninja MCQ and until I’m trending well over 80%. I’ll probably go through NINJA mcq once and understand, then hit reset to actually see how my progress is (hopefully I can get to the review phase. You can’t take BEC without knowing the concepts first. I would know the concepts first and then NINJA MCQ.

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 82
    REG - 81
    Step 1 - passing the CPA... DONE!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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