Passed with Ninja only!

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    I studied with Ninja only- took all 4 exams in a 3 month time frame and passed all 4 on the first try. Ninja is amazing. I studied a little differently for each- some sections I needed a lot of Ninja Mike, some a lot of the Audio, all a lot of Multiple choice. But the best part was when I could tell my mind was drifting or things weren’t clicking, there were multiple options on how to learn that I could shift and find a way to get through the material that would stick.I chose Ninja after reading reviews of others that passed with Ninja only and at a much lower price tag than the alternatives, I could not see any reason not to give it a try. I work, I am a mom with 2 young children learning remotely and I have a very supportive husband who was willing to take over everything household from the moment he got home after his own 10 hour work day and all weekend every weekend while I studied. So happy to have found Ninja! It was a lot of work, but such an accomplishment.

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 80
    REG - 82

    Thats impressive amy! Congrats! You're the opposite of me, lol😐

    AUD - 73
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 80
    REG - 79
    FAR 57,61,57,56,68, 80

    REG 54,49,69,66, 79*

    AUD 39,66,72,73🤬

    BEC 64,60,50,70,67,71,76

    "Theres no limit unless you allow it"



    Congrats Amy. Make sure you really, really thank your husband. It is great to have a co-operative spouse that is willing to take on the responsibility while you reach your goal.

    It begins with a 75
    Been here too long as a cheerleader.....time to pass

    Congrats! Ninja sounds cool, and I think they have a partnership with my review (UWorld Roger). Your husband's support sound awesome, as I have two kids myself and I know how difficult it is to balance everything. Again, a hearty congrats, and glad to hear you made it.


    Mom of Two, studying for the CPA Exam


    Wow! Congratulations, Amy! I've started studying for AUD and can't wait to be done. I'll have to check out Ninja for sure I get stuck on this one.


    Congrats!!! 3 months?? I'm struggling just to get through 1 in 3 months haha. Do you care to share your study schedule? Also, did you watch videos as well?

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - 71
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - 69

    Congrats!! Can you please share your study schedule? I also have two kids and am struggling to pass. My passed section is expiring in July so I really need to get through the other three sections as fast as possible.

    AUD - 75
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - NINJA in Training
    AUD: 62, 66, 75

    BEC: 74, 64

    REG: TBD

    FAR: TBD

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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