Fail FAR 1st time but passed the 2nd

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    Hi i wanted to make this post for people who have failed FAR the first time they took it but then passed on the 2nd try. I would like to know what y'all did differently to get a passing score!

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    I'm 3-4 weeks away from my 2nd attempt. At this point, I've already done every lesson on Wiley (many twice in fact), so I'm just pounding 20, 30, 40 MCQs a day and some SIMs now and again. Prob not enough though…

    Honestly, I feel like my results have been slightly better. Going through entire lessons and trying to take in EVERY little minor detail is too much. But MCQs, at least they focus on the important stuff and give you actual practice.

    When you do a retake, there's really not much reason to re-watch vids or re-read entire lessons AGAIN when you can just go straight to MCQs after each lesson and be like “oh right, I remember this, so that's how it works.” Good enough for me, at least.

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    1. got gleim
    2. pounded their mcq/sims in their test bank to death
    3. ???
    4. profit

    AUD - 82
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 81
    REG - 82
    FAR - 74 first attempt
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    This will probably go against everyone's belief, but I didn't do anything different. I still hammered out the same MCQ I did before. I made sure to do them all (2k) – I didn't study SIMs. I researched how to properly do the research questions on the exam – because I always winged it. I got the research question wrong my 1st go around and right the 2nd go around since I learned how to use it.

    Honestly – it was just the SIMs that destroyed me last time. I didn't really learn consolidations like i should've. That was pretty much my only weak area. I studied that area and got it down the 2nd time.

    Smash out the MCQ until it just becomes like clockwork. I don't think the memorization aspect is a problem – as far as doing a mcq and instantly knowing the answer. I think its a good thing because generally the mcq on the exam are way less intense and require 1/2 of the steps. Every MCQ i did in my prep course, i instantly knew the answer from memory, but i also knew how to get to the answer which i think is key…….just my 2 cents. You can get a different study prep course, but whats the point if you dont master all the mcq in the first exam material? They'll just ask the same question – only in different scenarios.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 80
    REG - 75
    Ya boy is a CPA
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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