FAR Experience 10/09/2020 Passed Regulation 96 in January

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    Ladies, Gents.

    So I am looking for some advice. I did very well on Regulation but I am pretty sure I am not going to make this one. Overall, the multiple choice were not so bad. I probably got more than 80% of the multiple choice right over higher.

    Anyone ON to my Problem 😀

    So I felt I did very well on the multiple choice and even the three simulations I did manage to complete I feel like I got 100% right. WELL here is where it goes bad. I allocated 135 minutes to get through the sims a little low. Took me 30 minutes to get through the first sim even though I got it right. The next sim oh brother, you could understand the general concept but trying to under the directions was near impossible. I couldn't figure out what they want. So it kinda went like this.

    First Sim bank:

    First Sim – 100% right
    Second Sim – Partial completion got some points but overall negative.

    Second Bank –

    First Sim – 100% right
    Research Question – Complete
    Third Sim – Moved on for time left blank.

    Third Bank –

    First Sim – 100% right
    Second Sim – Filled in garbage hoping for points with 10 minutes left.
    Last Sim – Blank

    Here is what pisses me off about the sims. You have monster simulations that take up a ton of time but you can't go forward or back and look at the simulations once you move to the next section.

    You know normally when your taking a test when you first get it, I would always go through it and come up with a plan. I would have went to the end first and completed the easy ones before tackling the hard ones. For all these fees we pay why can't the testing center set us up with multiple monitors rather than having ten screens open on the same screen?

    Anyhow – I am probably thinking I am boned regardless of knowing the material. Do you think I should submit a new ticket and get ready to take it again or wait for my score?


    I have noticed this on FAR and REG. The hardest sims were in the first and second testlet for the Simulations and the ones at the end were a breeze. Probably the pretest is in the first or second testlet. If you're running out of time I'd sacrifice one of the hard ones in the first or second testlet. This has just been my observation.


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    I had a FAR sim where I knew the material – it was my strongest topic, but for the life of me, couldn't figure out what they wanted. It was like I had to read the person's mind who made the sim. I stared at it for 15 minutes in disbelief. I ended up doing fine – and I'm sure you will too – especially with that REG score…you clearly know how to study.

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