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    So, I'm one of those NINJA MCQ people +NINJA Audio +NINJA Video people. FYI Jeff – I can't begin to count the times I've used George Saint Pierre CanaDa. Lots of MCQ. I've averaged 100 MCQ for about 3 months. Multiple resets, due to I just kept getting 50%s. 2k MCQ between 3-1 weeks out, trending 68%. I reset a week ago and did another 2500 MCQ in the last week. I learned journal entries in college because they were required. One of my college professors, “Journal entries aren't a fly you can just swat away.” Bah. I memorized them back then just to make them happy. Fast forward to today. I have no idea if a debit to cash is cash leaving or entering an entity. Literally no idea. However, I'm trending an 85% on Ninja MCQ.

    I lose BEC on Tuesday and have been drilling MCQ. I actually wrote down on my excel spreadsheet around question 17 – if this is medium level, I don't want to see the difficult. However, I do think I got into the difficult. I did follow Recked advice about trying to narrow my MCQ answers down to 2. Went from marking 4 as questions as unknown on 1st testlet to 10+ on my 2nd testlet. Last quarter I had a terrible SIM Financial Statements question that involved journal entries UGH. Was hoping for none of those today. So, I also printed the Blueprints and compared them to my trending on Ninja. I had ONE weak area on Financial Statements (the highest scoring competent) and of COURSE I got a SIM on it. I also had two SIMS on the same subject. Was one pretest? However, no journal entries. And then I got an out of left field random SIM on very granular stuff. Whoever said “FAR is a mile long and an inch deep,” was correct.

    Also, from someone that has never worried about time before. I finished all the others with about an hour on the clock. Both times I hit submit for FAR was with less than 5 minutes left.

    B: 80 (May 2018)

    A: 77 (Sep 2018)

    R: 70 (Dec 2018), 81 (Jun 2019)

    F: 67 (Sep 2019), 83 (Nov 2019)

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    not quite over for me yet, 71 on FAR; time for AUD

    AUD - 69
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 71
    REG - 61
    "The hardest thing to understand in the world in the income tax." - Albert Einstein
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