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    I am new here and this will be my first test. I am just looking for some guidance. I have been studying for FAR for the past few months.

    My question-with a review course, which do you think is the best utilization of time, study wise? I am currently using Surgent and I have been watching the videos and taking notes, while also writing down most of the MCQ from each section. I am currently doing it the linear way. Once I am done with most of the topics, I will go back and strictly use the adaptive feature.

    Is there a quicker or more efficient way you recommend? Input from other review programs is welcome as well. I would appreciate any input.

    Thank you!

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    Not everyone studies the same and what works for some might not work for others, etc. However, I am using surgent and have passed both FAR and AUD. Took FAR twice and AUD only once. Barely studied for the first try so hard to even count that one. I highly recommend dropping the linear method and only using the adaptive feature. That is Surgent's main selling point. I was skeptical at first but I think it works great. If you're someone who wants to know/understand/get right every single detail of every single topic, then maybe continue using the linear method… I think it takes waaaaaaay too much time. That's just my opinion.

    For FAR, I only did MCQs and watched videos. I did maybe 3-5 sims just to get some practice but don't recommend doing them at all. If you rail out the MCQs, you should know enough to do well enough on the sims to pass. If it were me, I'd allocate about 80% of time to working MCQs (and reviewing the answers/taking notes on why you got it wrong, or for things you might get confused on in future even if you got it correct) and only about 20% of time watching videos and taking notes on those. MCQs are key. Keep the videos for when you're just too tired of MCQ and need a breather and/or for topics that you simply do not understand and need further clarification.

    I'd say when you're down to your last 7 days or so before the exam, only do MCQs (maybe even drill down to your weakest topics) and review your notes that you took from MCQs and from watching videos. Then go in and slay the exam. For what it's worth, I think the “ready score” is overly critical. My passing score for FAR was 19 points higher than my “ready score.” However in total, I spent about 90 hours studying for FAR.

    For AUD, I took the same approach but studied way less because I knew the material a lot better. The only thing I really changed was buying the NINJA program and used that as a supplement, which I highly recommend. I used the NINJA notes to review the last few days before the exam, and I listened to NINJA audio regularly. Found the audio to be extremely helpful because why not study while doing every day stuff like cooking, working out, washing clothes, etc… Such an easy way to fit in soooo many extra hours of studying.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for your response. I will definitely apply your advice to my study habits. Quick question, For the adaptive feature did you do 50 questions at a time based on the subject? (Like select financial statement accounts) or did you do it by topic? (inventory, trade receivables, ect)? As you mentioned, I am trying to find a more efficient way. I agree that linear is taking way too long.

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    Happy to help! For MQCs I did 30 questions at a time using the daily surge at the top of the screen. That would pull 30 questions from all content areas based on what you need to study (they have really complex algorithms, supposedly, that determine all of that). I found 30 questions per session to be a good number because it's around the same amount of MCQ per testlet on the actual exam.

    FAR is a very tough exam. I continuously got 40-55% or so correct per 30 question session, but ultimately passed. Just keep pushing and you'll get it.

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