Trending in the 50s – Do I have a shot?

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    Hi Everyone,

    First stab at FAR coming up the first week in January, so less than two weeks left. My main review course has been the I-75 but I've been doing Ninja MCQs, I've done over 2000 at this point and trending in the 50s, from my main course I do really well. On Ninja, my trending is not where I'd like. I also score decent on Ninja SIMS. Do you think I have a chance at passing FAR?

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    I trended in the 50s and failed 11 times before switching sections – to BEC right now

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    @Thunderlips did you use Ninja only? I have a main review course and I'm doing much better there, so I'm hoping that might help. Ninja is my supplement.

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    Failed too many times to take a chance. I would get that trend up a little higher since your test is soon. You might have to spend a little more time on weak spots. Just a thought. But good luck either way.

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    I have tried various sources with no such luck. Might go with ninja to help supplement

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    I used Becker but my advice is do not worry about your trend scores on your study materials. The test is always way different. My biggest advice is to cover everything. Jack of all trades, master of none. That was my motto going through it and it worked! Not saying what works for me, works for everyone, but I definitely would not worry about your trend scores. Becker had me always at like high 60s or 70s for my Multiple Choice and I always found the exam multiple choice were not as lengthy and more doable because you are completing 66 multiple choice instead of like 2000. You get burnt out in review courses and on the real exam you will be more focused. Hang in there and REVIEW EVERYTHING! Do not leave out any sections but also do not sweat the small details. Hope that makes sense, Lol. It really was my key to passing I think.

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    You need to be trending at least in the 70s. Most people see a 5-10% boost on the actual exam compared to mock exam results. If you are in the 50s baring a miracle you’re all but certainly going to fail. I’d reschedule your exam and focus on studying a lot more and trending at least 20% higher.

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    CPA_Focused Did you pass?

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