When Do I know Im Ready?

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    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post.
    I undertook the challenge to do the CPA in May this year, decided to do FAR first and have my exam scheduled for Dec.
    Im studying with Becker. My study plan since May has been listening to the lectures, completing the MCQs and Sims and then making short notes in a note book which I intend to use for final revision.
    The first 5 of 9 modules I was so disappointed, frustrated and was on the verge of quitting because I felt that “it just wasn't for me” but with all the extra time at home nowadays I figured well I might as well continue studying and see how it goes. Somewhere between then and now, I have completed doing all the modules and now cautiously feel fairly confident about appearing for the exam (although I still do have some weak points which I need to address like Non-monetary Exchange, Income Taxes, Pensions and Leases). I have dedicated 2 full days for each of these weak topics which should help me eliminate these topics as my weak topics. Meanwhile, on each and every day, I make sure that I take a practice test (random) choosing only 35 MCQs (no SIMS) to ensure that the material stays fresh in my mind. Over the last 2 weeks, I am consistently scoring over 75% in these tests with the odd test below 75. These scores are pushing me into believing that I am ready for FAR but at the same time I know that I have not mastered it all.

    My question is, Am I right in feeling this way or should I keep my feet grounded and keep telling myself that the passing % for FAR is only 45%.
    (Note: I am well aware that my revisions have been based entirely on MCQs and not SIMS)

    Any comments will be appreciated.

    Also, a question for those of you who have already conquered FAR, Is it possible to go back to a MCQ or SIM after having completed (or tried to) during the course of the exam.



    That is an incredibly long time to study. Hard to remember everything. I would start doing longer mcq sessions – first 50, then 75 questions to get your timing and pace right. Do sessions with sims and review FASB structure so you can find things quickly during your exam. Strengthen your weak areas while staying strong in others. work problems as you review and understand why the correct answer is right and the others are wrong. Learn but start to memorize too. Positive self talk matters. You can do this. Now go get it!

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    To echo monikernc, that is a long time over which to learn and retain that material; I'd up your practice tests to almost mirror the actual exam, i.e. 66 MCQs and 6-8 Sims. That'll also likely cover more material and you can be more confident in the results being a relatively realistic distribution, i.e. your stronger areas vs. weaker areas vs. in between. Then instead of every day, switch off between the practice tests and reviewing notes/rewatching lectures. In addition, you have the simulated exams to complete at some point; generally they're best to do within a couple weeks of the exam, but if you've finished the material, nothing's stopping you from taking one sooner. ALSO the scoring of the practice tests and simulated exams is NOT reflective of the actual exam, so don't take the scores you get on them seriously, just use the questions and your answers for further review.

    In regards to being “ready,” no one is ever really ready for these exams. We're almost always uneasy going into it and feeling sick leaving it. So you can't put it off forever, nor should you. Becker's software always knocks you down with difficulty, so you'll be more prepared for the actual exam. Always better to be pleasantly surprised than even more stressed come exam day.

    For your last question – you can go back and forth between any questions within each testlet before submitting it, but you can't go back to a testlet after it's already been submitted. That's why it's important to monitor time remaining, not being afraid to take a little extra time to check your work, while at the same time knowing how much time you're leaving yourself for the rest of the exam. Good luck!

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    You can and you WILL do this!

    Going to agree with the above posters.
    Wanting to quit FAR and feeling like it's not for you are completely normal.
    Not feeling ready for FAR is also completely normal. You will never feel ready for it, and you will almost certainly feel like you maybe failed. I felt that way before and after, very very normal.
    You put in the time, you did the work. Now just trust in your ability.

    Make sure you practice stamina. Keeping your mind focused for 4 hours will be a challenge if you are not used to those time limits.
    Good luck on your exam!

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    REG-96 1/18/18 (6 wks, 110 hrs, 1400 MCQs, no SIMs)
    BEC-91 2/16/18 (4wks, 90 hrs, 1240 MCQs)


    Thank you guys for the fantastic feedback and advice.
    I feel much more connected to the CPA-FAR exam as opposed to studying in an isolation bubble.
    Will try to follow your suggestions.

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