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    Passed with a 76! Close but i'll take it!

    AUD - 81
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 76
    REG - 78
    Always chose the road less traveled.

    Passed with 75! completely shocked! I was 99.99999% i failed… this is a nice surprise

    AUD - 89
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 75
    REG - 81

    Passes with a 90. Again, much higher score than I expected and MUCH higher than my trending and practice scores,

    AUD - 93
    BEC - 90
    FAR - 90
    REG - 92
    CFA charterholder (2009)

    Barely squeaked by FAR with a 75, but I'll definitely take it. Thank god! On to REG next, good luck everyone still studying for FAR.

    You can and you will pass!

    FAR - 70 - 5/30/17, 75 - 9/10/18
    REG - 68 - 8/21/17, 82 - 12/10/18
    BEC - 72 - 12/4/17, 86 - 3/5/18
    AUD - 61 - 3/4/19, 63 - 5/28/19, 77 - 8/26/19

    yo fk audit, for real for real
    ~no one said it would be easy


    Another 75'er here lol, but hey I am so so happy for it 😀

    AUD - 77
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 75
    REG - 80
    Won't know until you try.

    just passed FAR with a 94 on my first try thanks to Becker! I did spend about 8-10 weeks studying, with about 3-4 hours each day. I also believe FAR was testing me on some of my strengths, I've scored well in financial accounting classes in school. Definitely think that the MCQs were way easier than Becker's practice tests but the SIMS on the real exam were long and killer.

    FAR - 94 (9/10/18)

    AUD - 91 (11/2/18)

    BEC - 95 (12/8/18)

    REG - 88 (2/8/2019)


    I surprisingly felt good about FAR and passed with a 77! Good luck everyone!

    AUD: 74, 72
    BEC: 67, 69, 76
    FAR: 77
    REG: 76

    Shocked! I keep checking the score, waiting for it to change to something other than a 77.

    AUD - 78 (10/2017) Becker
    FAR -  77 (09/2018) Becker/Ninja, 65 (4/2018) Becker
    REG - 79 (08/2018) Becker
    BEC - 80 (12/2018) Becker/Ninja

    Passed with a 83!! This was my first CPA exam, so it is definitely a confidence booster and motivating me to start and finish the other 3 sections.

    Terre Paul

    after 3 failing scores (52, 63, and 72) I finally defeated 1/4 of this giant with a score of 81. I used Becker each time. The key was studying everyday right after work at a designated quiet space, instead of coming home. Also, I focused on the sims, and kept a running word doc of areas that tripped me up. Glory to God! Now if i could only pass the other 3 b4 my Becker subscription expires in Jan.

    AUD - 86
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 81
    REG - 77
    The race is not given to the swift or strong, but to him that perseveres to the end.

    I passed FAR with a 76! I am so happy, I am not sure which of three left should I tackle first?


    76 this quarter on the first try. Hardest test I've ever taken, and I for sure thought I failed. Pounding MC's and SIMs helped me the best. Congrats all.


    @Rei-I would do REG, this way you will have two of the tougest ones under your belt!


    Thanks, I am thinking to take another one in Q4. Do you think 2 months to study is enough for REG? I am working full time and also have two young kids…..


    I PASSED FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 82!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FAR - 82

    AUD - TBD (Feb 2019)

    BEC - TBD

    REG - TBD


    Passed with a 92!!!! 1 down, 3 to go! Hopefully next weeks BEC results will be a pass as well and I'll be half done!

    FAR - 11/05/18 - 92

    BEC - 12/04/18 - 95

    AUD - 2/27/19 - 96

    REG - 4/17/19 - 93

    I’m done!!



    I passed FAR with a 94!! I may or may not have cried when the page loaded 🙂

    FAR - 94 (11/26/18)

    REG - 91 (12/10/18)

    BEC - 94 (2/23/19)

    AUD - 98 (3/9/19)


    Passed this bad boy with a 76!! one more to go!!


    Passed with a 90!

    AUD - 77
    BEC - 85
    FAR - 90
    REG - 88
    " All you need is the plan, the road map and the courage to press on to your destination"  - Earl Nightingale

    I don’t kno how to feel. Passed FAR with an 83!!!

    BEC – 79 (11/25/2017)
    FAR – 83 (11/26/2018)
    AUD – Q1 2019
    REG – Q1 2019

    “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced” - James Baldwin

    passeddddddddd 79 SIMS destroyed me

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 79
    REG - NINJA in Training

    finally passed with a 79!!!

    Almost there

    Passed 3 (AUD/REG/FAR) with the first try. Used Wiley CPA Examination Review 2012014 Volume 2 Problems and Solutions PDF mainly (downloaded free), and CPA review for free. FAR test for me was mainly non-profit in multiple choice question, and LFRD and GAAP difference in simulation. I felt so badly, that I rescheduled my BEC test to April 2019. I woke up at 1:30 this morning, logon to Nasba candidate, so happy to find that I passed all three. Commission was tested in REG and FAR for me. Reg 82 (Nov-08 my birthday), AUD (80) Nov-14, FAR (82) Nov-24. I feel proud of myself.

    AUD - 80
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - 82
    REG - 82
    FAR-82    Nov 24, 2018     Wiley exam review + CPA review for free

    REG-82   Nov 08, 2018     Wiley exam review + CPA review for free

    AUD-80   Nov 14, 2018     Wiley exam review + CPA review for free


    Well here we go. Just passed FAR with a 75! Which is what I expected. I guessed 76 in the contest thread but whatever lol. The Sims really killed me and as expected I got Stronger on mcqs and Weaker on Sims. I also got stronger on Gov and Nfp which I did study for a lot. Weaker on conceptual framework and comparable on select FS and select transactions.

    My advice to anyone studying is to really look at the Sims. I took FAR in 2013 for the first time and it was 90 MCQ and 7 or 8 Sims. I liked that format. Plus the Sims felt more like MCQs at times. This new format is brutal and you have to really know how they want the information. You can know the answer but still get confused with the formatting and then lose points which I think is something they really need to address.

    FAR: 78*, 75
    REG: 76*, 85
    BEC: 79*, 76
    AUD: 79*, 93

    All scores expired, let's try this again.


    Passed FAR with an 89!!! So excited! The Ninja audio was great while I was driving in my car for review. Two more sections to go!

    AUD - 80
    BEC - 93
    FAR - 89
    REG - 82
    How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

    I am thrilled with my 78! My trending MCQ score was a 65 so I was a little worried. Soooo happy to be done! I listened to the Ninja Audio in the car 2.5 hours a day for 8 weeks. Then did around 1400 MCQs.

    AUD - 76
    BEC - 77
    FAR - 78
    REG - 80
    12 years in the making

    Passed FAR with an 81! 2 down…2 to go…

    "Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion" -- Muhammad Ali



    Hello everyone! I just found out that I passed FAR on my first try using Becker and it was my first CPA exam I have ever taken, so I just wanted to share some advice. My first tip is please please do not take shortcuts. This is not an exam for anyone who is lazy or wants to fly through it. If you are using Becker, do everything! First read the chapter and write the lesson in your own words in a way that you will understand the concepts and really understand why we are using certain accounts in the journal entries( for example, why do we credit obligation and debit leased property for the lessee? Because we gained an asset and we owe the lessor money for the asset). After you read, Listen to the lecture and take additional notes. Then write index cards and study them or just review your notes if you dont use index cards and do the MCQS and skills practice without using any notes until you get every single question correct. Even the questions that seem ridiulous or information that you dont think they will test on,still study this because best believe it will be on the exam. Then do all the Sims on your own and try to do it timed so you can practice your speed. Repeat this with every chapter. And dont forget to do progress tests with simulations for every chapter you’ve done once you are ready to start a new chapter.

    My 2nd tip would be to not underestimate how much time you will need. I had to reschedule my exam like 2 or 3 times because I started studying while I was finishing up my classes, moving to a new apartment, and working full time but for some reason I thought I could handle everything. I could not lol. I think 2 weeks for each chapter is a good amount of time if you work full time and 1 week per chapter if you work part time.

    My 3rd and last tip would be to please take care of yourself during this time! Its so easy to get lost in studying and to stop caring how you look or how your body feels. But you have to keep eating healthy, excercising, and have quiet time/ meditation/ time with whatever religion you believe in daily. All you need is to squeeze in one hour a day for exercise and one hour for self reflection/prayer time. And cook and set aside your meals and snacks for the week on the weekend and the middle of the week if you are like me (i dont eat food in the fridge past 2 or 3 days). Trust me, It will help you to stay sane when you get the same problem wrong 50 million times lol.

    My last tip would be to stay motivated. Keep something physical in front of you all the time that reminds you of why you are taking this exam. For me, I like to watch videos on youtube/ the travel channel on tv of places I want to visit once i pass the exams.
    I hope my tips helped somebody. Good luck y’all!

    Work hard and Trust in God

    After many a study hour and many a candle-lit curse to Posideon, I can report to have my fiercest foe conquered and smote – never shall the words “CPA Exam” be scribed in this Captain's Captain's Log.

    From the saltiest of Seas with the Purest of Hearts,

    Cpt. Kodiak
    USS Schwarz

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 81
    REG - 81
    "We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds."



    I did the same thing. The audio was super helpful. Kept remembering stuff he would say during the exam. Waiting for my score on the 19th. Hoping I get a similar score.

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 82
    REG - 79
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