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    Hi ninjas, I never thought I would be able to share with my family and friends that I passed all 4 sections. I was able to pass all 4 sections in 4 months, after failing AUD 3 times, REG 3 times, and FAR once. I lost REG and BEC and had to retake. I quitted my job couple months ago to study full time, and got another MS degree, basically to buy myself some time to study. It's a big sacrifice and all worth it. Here are some suggestions:

    1) Do not give up. I put this first because I have wanted to give up so many times, especially after I lost REG and BEC. Remember your family and friends are always there for you. Do not give up.

    2) Non-stop Ninja MCQS. Jeff's framework really works. The only thing I did differently this time was getting Ninja. I used Roger for lectures and started doing the MCQs. I was particularly nervous about FAR, so I did almost 3500 MCQs just on Ninja. My trending score wasn't impressive. I was trending 55% the weak before the exam, and got up to 65% the day before my exam.

    3) Read the textbook (becker, roger, whatever you are using) carefully. Most of us don't retain the information during the first time we read the material, and that's okay. When I got a MCQ wrong, I went back to the textbook and looked for the corresponding knowledge point, and highlighted the key point. The week before my exam (final review), I applied the same method, but used a different highlighter so the key point stood out. I am not a great note-taker, so i have to cross-reference to the textbook a lot. I have about 20 sticker notes in my roger book.

    4) Try to enjoy SIMs. I never really practiced SIMs, but I know people who skipped two SIMs and passed FAR with a 79. Remember there are partial credits in SIMs, so these are actually your friends, not enemies.

    I want to thank God, and all of you who's on this forum.


    Thanks for the inspiring words..

    FAR - 87 ( Expires 04/13/2019)

    BEC - 77 (Expires 09/09/2019)

    REG - 71 , 81(Expire in jun 2020)

    AUD - 57 , 68


    Hi Jaya,

    Honestly if I were you I would ONLY use Ninja from now on. The Ninja MCQs are based on the outlined per the AICPA blueprint (section). Do random MCQs (sets of 20 questions to 30 questions) in one each section, until you get 75% or above trending score. Then move onto the next section, until all the AICPA blueprint topics have been covered. After that, do random MCQs from all topics.

    For AUD, you could definitely do over 150 questions a day, because there are essentially no calculation problems. I would pay extra attention to audit procedure because there are so many ways examiners could test you on this, including SIMs.

    Good luck! You got this.

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