Thought you failed FAR in Q2 but passed?!

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    I am waiting for my score for FAR for Q3 but felt horrible leaving the exam, especially on the SIMS. I completely did not do 2 of them as I ran out of time.

    I am hoping to find some encouragement from people who passed FAR under the new exam format but did not expect to!


    Well, I knew I didn't prepare like I should have (had a couple unexpected things come up), and expected a terrible score. I didn't pass, but was surprised I got a 70. Honestly I feared a score in the 50s, I felt that bad about it. So you never really know, but missing 2 sims is huge, especially if neither were pretested.


    After leaving the exam, I wanted to cry because of how hard the SIMs were. In the three months of waiting, I fantasized about passing but figured deep down there was no way I could get from a 59 to a 75. I knew I had improved since the first time I took FAR but didn't think it would be that much. This past week, I kept thinking maybe there was a chance I passed but wanted to be realistic and prepared for the worst. Woke up today, had breakfast, drove 20 minutes to work, slowly loaded up the computer, all the while making a game plan for what I would do if I had to do another retake. Ended up with my 77.


    @curlygirl1213 ,do you mind sharing what you did differently this time as going from 59 to 77 is huge and that too in Q2 new format.


    I didn't feel very confident about it but ended up with a 77.

    In terms of multiple choice, I felt that the second test-let wasn't much more difficult than the first, which was my first concern.

    For sims, I inputted 0s/ommitted one complete problem and also completely guessed on a DRS sim. I felt that I got about 80 percent correct on two sims and the rest maybe like 50 percent correct. So overall, NO, I did not feel good about my simulations but still passed as I said.

    BTW felt the same way about AUD and got an 88.

    AUD - 88 (2017)

    FAR - 77 (2017)

    BEC - Awaiting Sept. score

    REG - 10/7/2017


    I failed my first FAR with a 73, and had my second round in April and passed with 85! I honestly thought I messed it up coz I thought the first teslet of MCQ was ridiculously hard, and I knew I got Research question wrong. You never know till you get your score back!

    AUD - 76
    BEC - 91
    FAR - 85
    REG - 86
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    @WannaFree To be fair, I underestimated the exams when I first took FAR, which is why I scored so low. But financial accounting was never my strong suit. But when I went for my retake, I skipped the lectures and went straight to my old notes and some study sheets a friend let me use. From there, I would study a chapter and then do all the MCQ for that chapter. Every weekend, I would do progress tests for the chapters I had reviewed to that point to keep the material fresh. I wrote out cheat sheets of journal entries (including their purpose and their impact), steps to follow when solving a problem (i.e. how to solve installment sales questions), etc etc. When I did problems, I handwrote every single thing, even if it was a repeat question or I knew I could do the math in my hand. I wanted to get into the practice of writing everything so I would know what to do come test day. I have been using Becker to study, and I also bought the Ninja notes to help supplement concepts I was struggling with. I also reviewed the SIMs since those are weighed more heavily. I didn't work them in the software, I just printed out the questions and answers to review. Hope this helps. You got this!


    I definitely thought I failed miserably and got an 83, there is hope!!

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - 83
    REG - 87
    Best of luck to everyone!

    With each test you will never feel like you didnt pass, but as long as you felt like you knew each SIM and had a shot at it, you should be ok. I did not feel like i pased any of the test i passed.


    I thought I failed because in the first set of Sims I was taking so much time and still wasn't getting the correct answer. I was over my time that I budgeted for that portion by 25 minutes so finally I said screw it and moved on. Then once I got to my final testlet I had 18 minutes remaining which stressed me out as I could have used that time in testlet 3. But I got a 89 which surprised me. I don't like how they broke up the Sims. But thankfully I'm all done and don't have to worry about it anymore.

    AUD - 90

    BEC - 77

    FAR - 89

    REG - 90


    Dang, Curly! Nice job I wish I could do the same. I was in the mid 60s my first 2 try and Financial accounting has been my biggest weakness too in school. Im getting super nervous as I am still finishing up chap 10. Should I move my exam back a week? I will only have roughly 8 days to review.

    BEC- PASS (Expiring in DEC 2017)

    REG- PASS (Expiring Feb 2018)

    AUD- PASS (Expiring Oct 2018)

    FAR- 65, 60, 59, 77!!! -GOD BLESS

    If I can do it, anyone can do it!


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