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    Was wondering if anyone else has run into this. I had Becker in the past (it expired about 2 months ago), and I was looking to see how much it would cost to renew. When I signed into my profile, I updated some info including my current employer, which was on the drop down list of partners with Becker. As soon as I did that, the cost of the program went from a little over $3,000 to $0. If I confirm this order does that mean it's going to charge my employer who will in turn charge me for it? It's just odd because I have done nothing to actually prove my employment to Becker but I'm one button away from having a free CPA exam course? Surely they have some kind of controls in place to verify employment before giving away the course right? I'm at the very last screen with only the “complete purchase” option left. I really want to renew Becker, but also don't want a surprise $3,000 invoice from my employer. This process just seems strange, has anyone else had this situation before?

    AUD - 76 (expired) 12/10

    BEC - 84

    FAR - 71 (Feb 2020)

    REG - 82


    I believe it depends on your employers policy… With mine, the first time around was free. All I had to do was select my employer and input the recruiter who I was working with and it was directly billed to them. If this is a renewal (they already paid for it once) I would check the policy to see if its on your dime or theirs. If yours, you may need to not input the employer or it may be billed through them and you will receive an invoice to reimburse them.

    Long story short, check with HR or something of the sort to see what the policy is!

    AUD - 99

    BEC - 6/8/18

    FAR - 5/12/18

    REG - 86

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