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    Hi all, I paid for all 4 exams on my first NTS. I found out I failed REG (my first one) and have not yet taken the other 3. I am wondering should I reapply to get a new NTS for REG, or do I have to attempt the other 3 from the first NTS before I can sit again for REG?

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    You can apply for reg again when you're ready(since you know the score), just don't let too much time go by before you attempt any other parts already paid for.

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    Hmmm I think you have to wait for the NTS to expire before you can register for that exam again. So you would have to take the other 3 exams AND wait for the NTS to expire plus maybe a couple of days or so before you can reapply. I'm not 100% sure on that because I didn't register for all 4 exams at once but when I registered for two and I failed 1, I took the 2nd one AND I had to wait until NTS expired in order to reapply for the one I failed.

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    I asked the similar question before. You dont have to wait to NTS to expire if you want to retake the REG.

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    Hey guys, I was under the impression that you cannot take the same section you failed again in the same testing window as the original. Is that correct?

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    @hamcpa2018, that's true. However, @brandon presumably took REG in Q2. He could purchase another NTS for REG, despite having another NTS with the other exams. Both should be valid.

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    @23 thank you for the confirmation!

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    Here is a copy of the candidate bulletin.
    I encourage all clients to take the 5 minutes to read through this quickly. It answers most of these questions, and more.
    It should be a per-requisite before you spend any money on a NTS.

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