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    In Florida, work use to have to be supervised by a CPA, as of I believe around 2012 they changed this to verified in the statues. The statues define verified very broadly…i.e CPA must verify you worked 2000 hours (accounting related), verifying CPA for these purposes is a CPA (can even be a charted accountant recognized by the IQAB) in good standing during and when verifying work experience. No where does it say supervised and when you read the statue amendments it used to say supervised which was crossed out and replaced with verified on the draft (final replaced with verified).
    I have contacted the state board multiple times and every time I ask a simple question “Does the verifying CPA need to work for you employer”, I get the statues regurgitated back to me like I have never seen them before even though my emails reference them.
    My question is, has anyone been licensed in Florida who's work experience was verified by a CPA that did not work at their employer.
    This is the link to the statues:



    Hey there! Not sure if you ever got a solution. I'm having a similar issue in Florida, but more about the consecutiveness of the work experience (Ie does it have to be the same employer). I kept getting the Florida statute just emailed to me as well when I wrote in my question. But I wanted to get the answer in writing just in case. For my issue I'm assuming it doesn't have to be consecutive since it doesn't state so.

    Anyways when I called and spoke to a representative they said the CPA who signs off can be anyone, so long as it's a CPA. She said it can be your boss, family, or even a friend so long as they sign off and essentially verified your work. That's my understanding.


    PA does that too…

    They do it because the person on the other end of the call:

    Doesn't care.
    Doesn't actually know the answer.
    Doesn't want to make a mistake in how they respond.

    I work for the PICPA in Pennsylvania, and we get questions like this all of the time. As a CPA here, I end up the depository for the harder questions, and I put forth considerable effort in how I answer. I'd call and ask Florida's membership association. The difference is that the government person you spoke with thinks you answer to them, while membership associations answer to the members…and want you to sign up with them.

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