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    Hi all!

    I was hoping for some help determining my status on the 150. My college history has been complicated…I have taken courses at 6 universities. Most of my credits are from 2 universities-one was on the quarter system and the other on the semester system. Here are my concerns:

    1. I received 20 quarter credits from AP tests at a UC school, which equal 13.33 semester units when converted. These are recorded in a lump sum on my transcript.
    2. I received duplicative credits for AP Calc AB at 3 quarter units at UC.. and 5 semester units at my current university. However, I also took Calc 31A and 31B at UCLA for credit. How will these AP credits be counted towards the 150?

    After this semester I will have 139.67 units excluding the 13.33 AP credits from UCLA but including the 5 AP Calc credits. I will also be taking an online accounting course for 3 credits since I'm 0.67 short of the 33 units that I need. Thoughts? Will my application be accepted? I'll be sitting in the state of Missouri.


    Google California cpa classes requirement tamplet, it got conversion from quarter to semester. Regarding duplicate classes, it all depends what the title of them on transcript, if one lower level and one is upper etc. Hard to say without knowing all of this information

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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