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    I just got my CPA license in CT, but I live/work in NY. I did my undergrad in CT, which is why I initially applied for my license in CT. I am going to apply for reciprocity in NY, but I was wondering if it mattered which state society I joined – CT or NY? I am required to join in CT since my license is in CT, or can I just join the NY State Society? If I can avoid paying two state society dues on top of the AICPA dues, I would like to.

    Thanks guys!

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    I think it would be most advantageous to join in NY since that is where you live/practice. I don't think they will have a problem with it and you do not have to belong to your licensing state's CPA society.

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    i generally dont recommend joining most of those groups as they are very expensive. but they can provide some potential networking if you are interested along with some benefits

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    They are expensive, but they are also the lobbying group to look out for your profession.
    I would go with the NY society, as you are most interested in protecting your profession in the state you work in.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    Biff TannenBiff Tannen

    There’s a local CPA biker club that I may join later down the road when I reach 40 years of age and go through my first mid life crisis. I’m still debating this as one of the requirements is a tattoo of gaap on your left arm. Not a fan of tattoos, much less accounting related tattoos

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    Whichever one has the meetings that you'll most likely attend. It's about networking. I keep my AICPA membership active to support lobbying for the profession (and discounted CPE).

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