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    L.Stevens225 I am so sorry to read this. I recently split with the father of my children and have moved back in with my parents (talk about a hit to the pride) as I finish up the exams. He decided 10 days before I took my second section that he just didn't know if it was going to work out. I took my exam and moved out of the house on the same day. There was no way I could have moved prior to it, given his terrible timing. I have used studying as a way to distract myself. When I get sad or feel sorry for myself, I study. As I wait for my score next week, I've actually been incredibly sad about the situation because I do not have the distraction of studying. Maybe it's foolish of me, but for me it works. I hope you can channel your energy into the exam as well!! Best of luck and we are ALL here to listen if you ever need a pep talk. 🙂 I know I come on here frequently when I need that.


    @SomdayCPA2015 – I feel we are in very similar situations. Thank you so much for you kind words. They mean a lot. I also moved back in with mom and dad after living away for over 5 years! Yeah my pride is a thing of the past. We had a house and now we have to sell. I get mad I relied on someone to help me keep the house but that's marriage. And the process of divorce brings out the very worst in people. It just rips the soul of the body and spits on it…

    I think I am going out of town to Oklahoma this weekend to get my head on straight in the country air. I am hoping to pick up the books Monday if I don't have too much to do to the house to get it on the market. I am really hoping that I will just be in it like a billion percent more then before. Everyone seems to say that so hopefully I can do the same.


    I'm still hanging in there. Date nights are a little more frequent (at my insistence), but anytime he brings up a bizarre medical condition it's about her.

    My hours have been cut to halftime at work, so I'm looking for a job and studying for AUD.

    She's actually dating some dude now. So he's less about her and more about two other ex girlfriends.

    I'm just ready for the career struggle to be over.


    Also wanted to mention that skynet is the mother effing bomb.


    Im not understanding why you're still with him. When someone shows you who they really are, you might aughta believe them.


    Amanda u do what u got to do. Just keep studying get this done for u and ur kids 🙂

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