How do you handle studying while you wait for a score release?

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    So I just took AUD and now I've got a whole month to wait for my score…

    I already have REG scheduled for late November but of course I'm not confident I passed AUD. So I intend to start studying for REG (again -_-) but do not want to just forget everything I did for AUD in case I failed.

    How would you guys go about keeping yourself fresh on material for one exam while you study for another? Just daily MCQ? Should I maybe redo a Becker module a day or something? I'm worried about spending too much time on it too because I need all the time and help and focus I can muster to finally get through REG.

    What do y'all think?

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    Keep on studying the next section.

    Every little time not studying is time wasted.

    Candidates may think that the 18 months rolling period to pass all exams is a long time but, it goes by fast. And having to retake a section or to prevent losing credit for previous exams passed causes even more pressures.

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    You have passed two exams, so definitely don't lose all hope. That being said, it wouldn't hurt to stay fresh on some of the topics you struggled with, maybe spend a few hours on those each week or weekend? Depends on how much time you have/if you're working/etc, but at least a few hours a week would do a lot of good if you want to commit that time. Then in a few weeks or closer to the score release, take another practice exam on everything and see how you fare.

    Hopefully committing a bit of time for Aud review will ease your mind and keep you in a good place if you fail, while also allowing you to prepare for Reg. Hope this helps! Ultimately you'll know best how to use to your time and what works/doesn't work. Good luck!

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    I usually choose a date with the shortest waiting time.

    But the answer to your question is very simple —- JUST ASSUME YOU HAVE PASSED.

    (why did you think you failed anyway?)

    Honestly, if your score landed somewhere in between 60-75, it just means you are bad luck. Just another try.

    If you get a 75. Then it doesn't matter.

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    Study for the next but review this one while waiting.

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    I wouldn't bother reviewing an exam you already taken and waiting. Jump to the another exam and take it, if you find out you fail, study for it again but it wouldn't be so bad because you have already been exposed to the material and then retake it again ASAP.

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