Is this study plan feasible for REG?

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    I take REG is 32 days. I was planning on taking Reg in May then Corona hit and my date got cancelled. I was sad because I felt prepared and dead set for this test date. I was going through the chapters on Becker and had business law left. I then rescheduled for June and felt confident. Then I unfortunately ran into many mental health issues and basically shut down from studying and enjoying life all together. I have now recently gotten the help I needed and started where I left off. My plan is to finish all of business law this week doing 2 modules a day. I will also be reviewing what I have already went over from the previous modules. I plan on doing this by rewriting the NINJA notes and supplementing them with Becker's final review. For example, I am going to rewrite NINJA's notes on individual taxation, then watch the lectures on individual taxation in Beckers final review, and then do MCQ's on NINJA and Becker. I know this is wordy and I apologize for this but if I can get some type of feedback on my plan I would greatly appreciate it.


    Seems like a good plan to me.
    Remember you can pass REG without knowing law, but you will never pass REG without knowing tax.
    Knock out the law portions asap, and get back to tax as that is much more important.
    Hopefully you'll be able to recall a lot of the information you studied earlier on before you took a break.
    32 days should be enough time to hit law and then freshen up on tax.

    I personally would hammer MCQs vs writing notes, but it all depends on how you learn and retain the information best. Only you will know that.
    keep on keeping on, it'll be over soon!

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    Joey, I am so glad you are feeling better and back on track. Don’t just review individual, property transactions and business tax are essential. While you do heavy review on all things tax and property trx’s incorporate the bus law into mcq’s – you will get what you need for bus law without dedicating a big block of time just to that unit.
    Be sure to sleep well, eat right and remember positive self talk is key! Ask questions if you get stuck or need help on a topic. Good luck!

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