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    I am a kinesthetic learner and studied in college by writing everything down and reworking problems from class. I failed audit twice and i think I need to change the way i am studying but i am not sure how to adapt my learning style to studying for the CPA. I am also trying to figure out if there is a better review course that i should be using. I currently have Becker from work but plan to invest in another review course. HELP


    @Morgan, I like studying by writing as well. One of my friends told to me to switch ink pens to make sure I am not mindless writing. It kinda make you read what you're writing. I tried Becker but I didn't like highlighting so I just didn't use it. I've tried several courses but the one that fit with writing for me is Ninja. I just don't like feeling like I am re-writing the entire book. But I can do the flashcards, the notes, and the answers to the mcq's. Nothing wrong with writing, just find the course that will fit your style.

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    I learn from reworking problems and making notes of any tip, trick, or trip-ups. I found ninja worked perfectly for me. Mainly used ninja mcq’s and book. I also used free YouTube videos from Roger, miles, and my fave, now passed on, Alan Mursau, hepainstakingly takes you through all topics – I used him in school for DV-lifo and OCI, ETC. What used to be ninja blitz helped too not sure if Jeff still has that.

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    How are you primarily studying? I would recommend taking your own notes when listening to the lecture/reading the book. I also made my own flashcards for review. I found that I retained information better when I created my own flashcards and reviewed them often. I used Becker and supplemented Ninja for my tests. Ninja provides some great resources to help reinforce the material. The MCQ and audio were my favorite tools.

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    BEC - 86
    FAR - 89
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    I decided to do lectures and mcq's instead of blanket reading the book. The lectures hold my attention. My problem is still getting so many mcq's wrong. I feel like I am writing almost every question even on good guesses. I am writing the notes but I need the lectures to work and re-work the problems.

    It begins with a 75
    Been here too long as a cheerleader.....time to pass

    Audit is very conceptual, knowing why this answer is wrong and the other 3 is key. On the sims, you can easily do well on a few by abusing the AL.

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