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    Sorry, this may be a dumb question but do I have to re-send transcripts to the board after passing all the exams? I already sent what I had to qualify for the exam. Is there is a different education requirement to sit for the exam versus licensure? How big is the difference?

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    First question: You do not need to resend transcripts when applying for a license in CA.

    An exception to this rule would be if you completed additional education since the last transcript version they have on file (for example, to meet the CA Ethics requirement).

    When I applied for my license I only sent in the new transcript (different educational institution) which reflected that I had completed the Ethics requirement.

    Second question: There is definitely a difference on requirements to sit for the exam (versus getting licensed). To sit for the exams requires a Bachelors degree w specific criteria. However, they changed some stuff within the last few years and now getting licensed requires additional educational requirements.

    I recommend you go to the CA Board website and download the PDF which covers all of this in depth.

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