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    I just finished the ethics exam yesterday and boy was it long and sheesh I just barely passed with a 90%. I literally took 6+ hours to complete it. It’s no joke. Even though it’s open book the questions are tricky and not all of them can be found easily in the study materials that are 333 pages long. Not sure if the California version is longer than other states but it was brutal and no walk in the park. If you are planning on taking the exam anticipate spending an entire day doing it. I would copy and paste each of your exams questions and answers in addition to pasting the authoritative literature that supports your answers just in case you need to take it again. A friend of mine warned me he failed first attempt and then spent 8hrs making sure he passed his second attempt. I was hoping to be done in 4hrs but it took me closer to 7. Just keep this in mind as you plan for it. I recommend doing the ethics exam between tests while you are waiting for results since it’s something you can knock out during that dead period where you don’t know if you need to restudy the exam you just took or move on to the next exam you plan to take. I regret not doing this as I just did nothing until I figured out if I could begin studying for the next exam. Thankfully I passed all 4 parts first try, but I didn’t utilize that dead period more efficiently for the ethics exam. I barely passed the ethics exam with a 90% after spending the whole day working on it. I changed one answer last second and I’m not sure if that was the difference. Don’t take this lightly party people. Happy to give advice for this or anything else if anybody needs any. Good luck!

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    Wisconsin doesn’t authorize the ethics exam until you pass the CPA exams and meet the other requirements. It’s the last thing on the list. Definitely tricky. It’s 50 questions here but you only need an 80% to pass.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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