Florida License Work Experience Question – Does It Have to Be Consecutive?

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    Hi there! I'm hoping someone else in Florida has recently experienced the predicament I'm in could share their experience:

    I worked for a public firm in the tax department for about two years and things didn't work out. I then got another job right away with an industry position doing tax work. I've been in the position for about six months. A couple months ago my manager left the company and got a job at another company a step above her role.
    She recently reached out to me that the company she works for has a senior position that she wanted to know if I was interested it (which I am!) I met with her and told her I was actually planning on looking in May for a position elsewhere once I have my last two classes I need for my license, as well as one year of consecutive work experience. Just to provide some insight, the reason I decided I wanted to start looking elsewhere this coming May/June is because it doesn't seem like they're going to find a replacement for my old manager any time soon. And I personally don't want to do what I'm doing for the rest of my life. I want to grow, learn, and move up. My end goal is to be a manager or director in a company so I can challenge myself and also help those below me. The reason she also left is because she had been there for some time and it didn't seem like she was ever going to be given a higher position. Honestly she's one of the best managers I've had in long time, and if ever in the accounting field.

    Anyways, my manager mentioned “well does the work experience have to be consecutive?” Which technically the Florida statute for the work experience does NOT state anything about consecutiveness. It only states the hours/time for part time versus full time and what constitutes as experience (IE working in tax, audit, consulting etc whether at a public firm or industry). I called the board and spoke to someone and she said it didn't need to be consecutive (but I kind of felt like she was confused by my question honestly). My old manager also suggested getting the answer in writing (just in case), so I emailed them. The response I got was literally a copy and paste of the Florida Statute for the work experience. Like thank you, as if I can't read lol But I'm not sure if that was their way of saying “it doesn't say in the statute that is has to be consecutive so yes, so long as a CPA signs off”. Which my old/possible new again manager would sign off as she has her license.

    I could always ask the old firm I worked at for my hours, assuming when the experience was obtained doesn't matter, and just have her sign off. I don't feel comfortable asking anyone at my old firm to sign off though. I know a couple of seniors who would, but I would rather not. I would also hope they would still give me the hours I worked at least.

    I was just hoping if anyone in Florida has gone through this could provide insight as to what happened. Thanks!

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