How to Transfer CPA License to NY

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    Hi all,

    I finished all four exams in New York in June 2019, and I find that New York Board of Accountancy requires the applicant to be signed by the supervisor who is a NY CPA. Since my supervisor is not a CPA, there is no NY CPA can sign for me, so I transfer my exam credits to Washington State and one of my friend, who is a six-year CPA in Washington, signed for me and I get licensed in Washington State now.

    I'd like to transfer my CPA license to NY now, but I don't know which forms should I use. I know I need to finish the Form 1-Application for Licensure and Form 3-Certification of Out-of-State Licensure and Examination Grades, do I need to fill in the Form 4B-Verification of Experience by Supervisor? If yes, since my supervisor is not a CPA, does that mean I can't get licensed in New York?

    Has anyone done this before? Thank you.

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