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    Hi everyone, my bachelor and masters major are all finance. I will need more accounting credits to take the CPA exam. I am in NewYork. Anyone can recommend schools where I can take accounting classes? Thank you.


    Oakton CC in Illinois, or LSU.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a general question regarding Maine CPA License work experience requirement – it says that I need to have the experience of accounting skills or audit skills, including the issuance on reports of financial statements.

    I work in CA, and my firm doesn’t do anything else other than tax return and accounting write ups…

    I am wondering if I need to transfer my credits after I am done with the exam in order to get a license here? Or I can just apply through Maine and then transfer the license?

    Please let me know.

    Any thoughts can be helpful



    I live in CT and will be licensed in CT. I too needed to get additional accounting credits for license requirement. You can try courses offered through Wiley CPA at UNA (University of North Alabama), the courses are the higher level accounting credits that you may need and they are all fully 100% online. Tests/quizzes are open book and each course costs around $ 500, which is the most affordable that i was able to find online. Also the prerequisites for the accounting courses offered at UNA through Wiley are waived if you passed all four sections of the CPA exam.

    Here is the direct link, everything is pretty straightforward. UNA is an accredited higher learning institution so 99.999% chance that the credits will be accepted by NY State Board. CT accepted all 15 of my credits that i obtained from UNA.

    Best of luck

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