Out of state work experience for CA license

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    I’ve read on the CBA’s website that there is a form for out of state experience. But I’m wondering what the process is like and how long it normally takes. They only mention that the out of state board will be filling the form but what about the supervisor’s signature? Do they still need two signatures from my former supervisor and someone higher?

    Is it worth it to apply now? Or wait another 3 months to have a full year in CA?

    Thanks in advance!

    AUD 77 (6/2018)

    REG 77 (9/2018)

    FAR 61 (12/2018), 84 (1/2019)

    BEC 88 (2/2019)

    Studying time using Becker (4-6 hours)

    AUD: 16 days

    REG: 13 days (skipped units 7 and 8 and did only flashcards instead)

    FAR: 28 days, 12 days, skipped lectures for both attempts

    BEC 13 days

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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