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    Found out I passed my last Exam. Now onto the California Licensing process. Has anyone done this recently? I looked into it a bit and have some questions. I haven’t taken the ethics yet but I will. Can I send in my application and check now and do the ethics exam and have my employer send my experience later? What is the step by step process to all of this? Any help would be appreciated

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    When I passed my last exam almost 3 months ago, I hadn't taken the ethics class nor ethics exam yet. The process I went through was as followed:

    1. I took the ethics class at UCSD extension and finished it in about a month. The professor posted my grade and I sent the transcript to the CA Board.

    2. Took the ethics exam from CalCPA and passed (On my 2nd try).

    3. Filled out the Application for CPA License and Criminal Conviction Disclosure forms and mailed them in together with a $250 check.

    4. Had my former employer fill out the Certificate of Experience and mail it to the CA Board.

    5. Got an email from the board to have my finger prints scanned and fill out a copy of the Request for Live Scan Service form and e-mail/mail them a copy (Just did that 2 hours ago).

    6. Now I'm waiting on them to receive the Request for Live Scan Service form and continue from there.

    7. After that, they're probably going to request the additional license fee. Once I pay that, I should have my license pretty soon after (However, knowing the CA Board, that'll probably take forever).


    I’m going to mail my application package tomorrow to cba. We will see how long this takes.

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