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    Ok. I'm now getting to my wit's end. I spent nearly three years and thousands of dollars taking the exams and finally finished this past March. It took a total of 11 tries to get it done, but I persevered! Originally I contacted my controller regarding the work experience to see if we could come up with a plan to garner me the remaining 900 hours I needed based on my calculations. I didn't hear anything from her for 2 1/2 weeks, at which point she responded and thought I had the necessary 1800 hours. I was elated!

    I spent two weeks getting the application ready and passed the ethics exam (95%, first try) and sent the documents to her in May. After not getting a response for two weeks, I followed up. A week later we saw each other in person and I followed up again and was told it was at the top of her list. It is now six weeks and counting and I still have not received the signed work experience form and wonder if I ever will. It seems at this point it may be better to move on to a new company and start from scratch instead of waiting, but if she eventually does sign it would save me a ton of time.

    I hate being at the mercy of another person and find it curious that she was the one who thought I had enough hours, but now seems reluctant to sign. It makes me feel like my career development isn't important. If there is a concern that I would leave right after licensure, that should be addressed like professionals. Furthermore, not responding at all also could lead to me leaving so it's not a very good strategy. At this point, what are my options?

    For context I should add that we are being bought by another company so there is a huge financial workload going on right now, but the signing process would only take about five minutes so I'm shocked a small smidgen of time couldn't be carved out.

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    Look at my remarks below; experience was the worst part for me. If you are in a state, like Montana, that allows any actively licensed CPA to sign off, find one to do so. If you still need help, post again.

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    Please keep us updated. Also, please send an email and let this person know how much this would mean to you. Let them know exactly what you told us about the time and expense you've put into these exams. Try to plea to their emotions. They deserve to know the hard work you put in.

    Nothing lengthy. I think just a paragraph would do. And VERY explicitly ask, “May you please have this documentation to me by Friday, June 26th?” Throughout business training courses I found this to be very important. Request deadlines. Good luck!

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