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    You might be bored now, but I'd wait until after tax season if you office does tax work.
    You will be busier with more projects that should keep you from being bored.
    3 failed senior roles, and then jumping to management seems like a recipe for disaster to me, depending on what the management duties are.
    If you need to review work for seniors, and you yourself were making mistakes as a senior, it just doesn't sound like it will work.
    I'd recommend getting some more experience under your belt. If you have a boss that you like working for, that really goes a long way to making your quality of life better.
    I would cherish that because it can be hard to find in this accounting game.

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    Congrats on finding success in your new role. I agree with other posters, stay where you're at, grow and learn, and during the boring times find a way to do research and learn. Right now it's super boring at my work as well, heck that's why I'm on this forum right now. There's nothing to do. But take that as an opportunity to do some research and online training/CPE courses. No matter what field you're in, there's always changes and new things to learn with accounting. Sounds like you have a good gig going with a fantastic manager, don't take that for granted.

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    I'm actually impressed that you convinced another employer to give you another shot at being a senior accountant. Yet here you are, still unimpressed. I'm not sure why you think you're ready for a manager position at this point.

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    You managed to find another job, a manager that will look the other way on small mistakes that you make and you want to jump in management position because you are bored? With your work history, to me it sounds like it would be a big mistake. Bigger company means they do not hold your hand, with you being in management position, if something goes wrong they will fire you and not ask for explanation etc. I would stay where you are, ask your manager if there is some project she needs help with. If there is nothing for you to do, start studying for cma, Cia etc


    As I read through this it occurs to me that there is a link between boredom and making mistakes.

    If you are bored you are not engaged. If you are not engaged you are going to make mistakes. Then you get fired.

    You might try to figure yourself out a bit. There is a strong self destructive sub theme in all that you have posted.

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    I did my first two years of accounting at a small firm, and learned some very bad habits. We didn't do enough with work papers, we were aggressive with positions, we relied on estimates too heavily…it's how I was trained.

    I then went to a regional as a senior. Quickly, I learned that I wasn't adequately prepared and felt very much behind others. I felt like I wasn't living up to expectations. We also had a flaming bully jerk hole who I shared an office with who made me feel worse about my work than I should have. He wasn't my manager, but I – thought – he had more influence than he had. I didn't know at the time, but he clashed with everyone he shared an office with…he was just a schmuck. Good accountant, bad guy, and lousy with clients.

    And then we started this review program where we went over our peer's work. Mine was no worse, and often better (after a couple of months) than my peers. Many of them were more experienced than me in THIS process, but I had other strengths, and was able to deal better with complexity. I'm also particularly good at research.

    Everyone makes mistakes, the issue is learning from them and trying not to make the same ones. Also – your manager's opinion about your work, and how they want it prepared, counts a lot more than yours. In this employment environment, most companies aren't getting rid of good staff.

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    I profit from your CPE frustration. You're welcome.

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