Has anyone received their congratulatory letter?

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    Has anyone who passed their final exam of Q4 of 2019 received their congratulatory letter yet?

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    I received mine a couple weeks ago around the 17th I want to say.

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    I passed in Q4 and received mine last week. Colorado.

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    I received mine about two weeks ago. CO.

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    I passed my last exam at the end of November and received my letter end of December.

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    I passed couple days ago. Do I need to wait till I receive congratulatory letter for licensing?

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    I'm in NY and haven't received it yet and it's been almost 2 months since passing. Just called NASBA to ask more about congratulatory letter. Basically they said it just tells you about your passing scores, and you don't need it for state licensing. So instead I am going to call my state board or apply on my state board's website for license. No longer a NASBA candidate so theres nothing else to be received from them, though I think they will just have to send my scores/transcripts to my state.

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    Passed mine in 2019 Q1 but the letter never arrived, contacted them and they said they sent it within a week after I passed the last exam. So I asked them to resent another one, still nothing. I lived at the same address for the past 4 years and the post office never messed up my mail before…..So did they really send it to the right address? I doubt it. Just you know, things like this could happen. But that letter is really nothing.

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