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    I’m having a hard time deciding which to choose. I used Gleim for BEC exam and I don’t think they covered everything or it could be my luck. Has anyone had success with either of these?

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    Rogers best sections in order IMO are AUD, REG, FAR, BEC. I used him for all and passed with him but also had Becker as a supplementary test bank which was free through my work. Chose Rogers for his lectures. His question bank, while not quite as good as Becker, is completely sufficient.

    REG - 92 (1/17)

    BEC - 82 (2/17)

    AUD - 89 (5/17)

    FAR - 94 (9/17)

    Rogers Elite + Becker mcqs/sims for all 4 exams

    WA State Ethics Exam - 83, 83, 90 (9/17)

    AICPA Ethics Exam - 95 (9/17)

    1-year of work - complete (11/18)

    Licensed WA State CPA

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    I've successfully passed FAR, AUD, and REG in one try with Roger alone. I'm waiting on my BEC retake score. Roger's BEC videos were weird for me. They didn't seem to cover enough, and I found tons of new things when I went through his textbook that helped me feel better my second time around. I did do a free trial of Wiley for this second BEC and went over my weak areas with that. I tried Ninja, but it wasn't for me. Do free trials to supplement.

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    successfully passed all sections on first try with Roger, was very impressed by his review course. Lectures are the best out there. Really it all depends on your learning style, for me Roger's style fit perfectly. I learn by watching an initial lecture while following along and taking limited notes. I briefly review notes and then drill the hell out of the concepts in MCQ and sims and read each explanation for what i got wrong. Doing this one chapter at a time worked perfectly for me.

    The other review courses are good for other learning styles, so try them all with whatever free demos you can get your hands on.

    For me though the 2k I dropped on the review package was some of the best money i've spent.

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 89
    FAR - 91
    REG - 97
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    I like Roger CPA for his lectures and especially the mnemonic approach he uses. But I don't like his MCQ. I'd recommend supplementing it with a Ninja MCQ subscription, as that's the best I've used so far.

    Roger does have that smartpass thing that gives you pointers about what to study, but Ninja keeps track of progress better, and is much more simplistic graphically, and I hate “busy” screens

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    Thanks guys. I really appreciate all of your comments.

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    Rogers is for visual learners who like to be entertained and have their interest held.

    Gleim is for the self-study type who likes to break topics down and go deep.

    Both are solid programs. Younger candidates usually prefer Rogers (between these two)…older candidates are more likely to prefer Gleim.

    Just my two cents.

    FAR 81

    AUD 83

    BEC 93

    REG 84


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