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    Hi all

    My situation is probably different than most members of the forum

    I took all exams around 10 years ago and passed them all first time with the exception of REG. I took it a few extra times but never managed above a 70. REG was my Achilles heel (as the saying goes). At the time I was working in the BIG 4 in probably one of top most competitive offices so work got the better of me.

    Once my first exam expired it was like a set of dominoes and pretty soon I had lost them all. You have no idea how bitter this made me but it is something I had to accept. For awhile I basically scrapped the idea of getting a CPA license.

    Around summer time I decided to restart my journey. I took REG in December 2018 and scored a 93. I was really excited when I saw my score.

    The point of this post is to show that you change your study habits and strategy anything is possible (of course luck is also a factor). Here are some of the things that worked for me:

    1. I used Gleim knowing it was extreme overkill and yes it was extremely painful to go through all those MCQ. I probably went to a level of understanding that was unnecessary (with independent research in IRS publications and so on)
    2. I changed my study habits (break out study time to a few sessions of 45 min/1 hr each day. I always targeted atleast 2 hrs a day.
    3. Do not be afraid or intimated by your weak areas – create custom summaries to clear up confusion and ambiguity.
    4. Create lots of acronyms/mnemonics to help you remember important lists ( I created too many to even count).


    REG - 93 90% Gleim MCQ/book + 10% Wiley MCQ

    BEC - 79 100% Wiley MCQ/book

    FAR - 88 100% Gleim MCQ/book + Ninja Audios

    AUD - 85 100% Wiley MCQ/book + Ninja Audios

    Licensed CPA as of 2019

    CMA Pt 1  400  100% Gleim MCQ/book

    CMA Pt 2  Pending Score

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